Tram-Pro Training Simulator

Tram-Pro takes training simulation to the next level. The PC-based system was developed to train drivers of rail vehicles on new and unfamiliar routes, moves and signalling. The system’s capacity to evolve in response to user requirements makes it ideal for drivers, trainers and managers alike, offering significant reductions in training times and costs.


Custom-designed training scenarios run in a high-fidelity virtual environment, emulating cab, external environment and signalling with a high level of realism and precision.
The system incorporates a full session “black box” log file along with powerful analyser software for accurate monitoring and statistical summary reporting. This can be used to provide valuable, auditable records for competency assurance as well as identifying errors made by drivers during training sessions. The analyser software also includes ‘ECO’ driving performance and ‘Comfort’ driving performance analysis.

Tram-Pro is classified (using RSSB definitions) as a Part Task Trainer; all controls can be emulated using PC features and accessories. The latest technologies allow for easy, immersive driving simulation; and hardware requirements can be met using standard, off-the-shelf hardware and display systems – keeping costs manageable whilst offering real flexibility.